Bullet Casing Necklace-Etched Lily and Vine with Iridescent Purple Crystal


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This statement pendant necklace is made with a used .223 ammo casing then etched with a lily and vine design. An iridescent purple crystal takes the place of the bullet which has flashes of purple, metallic black, and gold depending on the way it is turned. This compliments the bronze colored patina around the etched design very well.

The necklace features an antique brass rope chain and antique gold toggle clasp making the length of the necklace 24".

The etching process is rather involved, because the casing has to be completely cleaned then carefully hand stamped with the design before placing in the etching bath. The casing is then scrubbed clean and the highlights are burnished.

I buff this and most of my etched items with Renaissance Wax to help preserve the patina finish. To continue preserving the finish, I recommend you keep your etched item in an air tight container or a zip lock plastic bag and avoid swimming or showering with it on.

The wax will eventually wear off, but you can maintain your item's appearance by applying a thin coat of car wax and buffing lightly with a soft cloth.

Please note that each item is individually etched, so yours may look slightly different than the one in the picture.

Product Code: N115

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